Power Stalkers
by White Wolffie
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Jul 1, 2006

Hi all. Some sad news today. I've restled with the decision now for weeks, and I've finally come to the conclusion. I'm going to quit Power Stalkers. For now at least. I may pick it up again in the future, probably a few years down the road, if I ever get any better. The problem is the amount of pain I'm in, and the fact that I can't take the pain medicine. So I'm stuck trying to manage it enough that I can get the sleep I need. The question of whether or not the pain will ever get better, is one that can't be answered. It's just a wait and see deal. So thanks to everyone for reading my little piece of fiction, and I hope that I can finish it some time later. The comic will remain up for perusal unless something happens with comicgenesis and I have to take it down. Thank you for your support and understanding. :)


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