Power Stalkers
by White Wolffie


Arthur searches through the jungle of Null, trying to find a fabled ancient civilization that was supposed to have dwelled there. Using a map, made by an old man in a bar, he manages to struggle through the foilage and discover ancient riuns.
He finds little there, save for one brightly colored rock. Wondering why it's so different from the others, he accidentally gets too close.

Chapter 1

The captial of Ciarrai is dying...literally. A desperate power shortage forces the Mayor to send out teams of people to retrieve objects to save their lives. Being so far ahead in technology, the people can't survive without power.
So, Cadby and Moreen are sent to the barren jungle planet of Null in search for a power source. Anything will do.
They soon pick up the signature of something that could save Ciarrai's way of life all on its own. But before they can reach the location, they run into a half-sain Arthur, still on the planet four years later.

Chapter 2

Arthur, now a fugitive, flees to Kieran, another planet completely off-limits, due to the 'evolution' of the society there.
Cadby and Moreen are hot on his tracks, Cadby being the driving force. Infuriated by the fact that Arthur had somehow escaped from him, he won't rest until he catches or kills him. Either will do for the elf, as long as he's the one handing out the justice.

Chapter 3

The unhappy Mayor of Ciarrain gives an ultimatum to Moreen and Cadby, ordering them back to Kieran for the
retrieval of the power source. And while they're getting ready for their interplanetary trip, Arthur visits his home town on a pit stop before his next treasure hunt. Sadly, all is not well with friends and family.

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