Power Stalkers
by White Wolffie
1. Kieran - (KEE-ER-AN) The home world of a humanoid race; little is known about it. It was determined to be too far behind in technology and culture to be a part of the Planet Transportation and Interaction System(PTIS). To keep from contamining the Kierani's normal pace in technological evolution, it is off-limits to all aliens off the planet.
2. Ciarrai - (SER-RAI) The home world of the human race; it's considered the centerpiece of the PTIS. Second in advanced technology only to Nye, it's the planet that began the PTIS many decades ago. Although high in knowledge, they lack the ability to apply this to every-day circumstances, which is the reason why most of the planet is running low on resources.
3. Nye - (NIE) The home world of the elven race; thought by the first off-world explorer to be paradise. The elves are known to be high in wisdom, but tend to treat new ideas with great suspicion. So by outsiders, they are considered to be 'stuck' and not moving forward as best they could be.
4. Espe - (ESP) The new home world of the milla; a giant mixed planet where all try to get along. It is currently being colonized by humans and elves from off-world, with colaboration from the milla. Most of the planet is covered by harmful gas, making it perfect for the millam people to emmigrate to several centuries ago. Nothing is known about the original planet's inhabitants, since it was vacant when the milla arrived.
5. Null - (NUL) A barren, empty, and unknown planet, suspected to have been full of life at one time. It's theorized that it's rotation around its sun may have changed and caused the destruction of its surface. There are no final plans for it at present.

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